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We are missionaries dedicated to serving the church in sharing the gospel to people who are trapped in, or who’s lives have been  affected by non-Christian cults and movements.

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June 19-23rd – Manti Miracle Pageant, Manti UT
June 24 – Green River Bible Church in Green River UT
July 1 – Morning service at Community Bible Church, Central City, NE
July 8 – Morning service at Stockham Community Church, Stockham, NE
Evening service at Aurora Evangelical Free Church, Aurora, NE
July 11 – Midweek service with the youth at Heartland Evangelical Free Church, Central City, NE
July 15 – Morning service at Hastings Evangelical Free Church, Hastings NE
July 17 – Midweek service at Faith Community Church, Aurora, NE
July 18 – Midweek service at True North Church, Grand Island NE
July 22 – Morning service at Monroe Evangelical Free Church, Phillips, NE
Evening service at Pleasant View Bible Church, Aurora, NE
July 29 – Community Church, Fontanelle, NE