Here at Haven Ministries we exist to glorify the one true God.  Without him we would have no salvation, and we owe everything to His grace. We did nothing to earn our salvation and there is nothing we could do to earn favor from God. Our Ministry works as part of the church at large to seek to serve those who are affected by all different kinds of spiritual abuse and false religions. 

 Our activities range from going to psychic fairs, witnessing at Mormon Temple openings all the way to exit counseling those coming out of destructive, high control groups (‘cults’). We seek to tell the truth through mutual respect, friendships, and logical discussions.  Additionally, we provide education and awareness in churches, academic settings and expert court testimony. 

 By the grace of God our ministry requires no fees and relies entirely on donations provided by fellow believers who feel led to help as they can. 

As you look at our website, you will see that accountability is very important for our ministry as we have both a Board of Trustees and a Board of References. We are members of the Evangelical Ministries to New Religions- an organization that provides information to its members as well as accountability.  Our beliefs are grounded in biblical orthodoxy. We hold together on essential doctrine and encourage discussion in secondary issues. 

Love at the end of the rainbow