Mark and Rose Roggeman

roggMark has been in involved in outreach to those affected by cults, occult, and other questionable religions for over 25 years. He has counseled with those who have exited cults and their families. To learn more on how cults function he has infiltrated several of these groups.   As a Denver Police Officer  for thirty years, Mark has received calls from law enforcement agencies around the country seeking information and help in dealing with cults in their areas. He has also has given presentations to police agencies as well as churches and schools.  Mark was a founding member of the Cult Awareness Network affiliate in Denver and served on the national board of directors during the mid eighties. He was also on staff of what was called the Christian Research Association in Denver as their cult researcher.He has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Colorado Christian University and is currently pursuing his Master’s in Biblical Studies from Colorado Christian University . Mark lives with his wife Rosalie in Denver, Colorado.

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