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Haven Ministries exists to glorify the one true God,

and to serve Him with all our heart, soul, mind and strength.


Haven Ministries seeks to directly evangelize and disciple the lost, particularly those trapped and deceived in non-Christian religions, the New Age Movement, cults and the occult. We seek out the lost, going to their events, bookstores and seminars, sharing the Gospel and challenging the errors of the evil one

Helping You

Haven Ministries is committed to helping other Christians reach out to their loved ones, neighbors, co-workers and cultists who come to their door. We recognize that the Gospel is received more often when shared by a friend or loved one and so seek to teach Christians how they can respond to the arguments and question offered by non-believers. We send literature and offer personal counsel to anyone who asks, all without any fee.


Haven Ministries is also committed to educating the Church at large on these types of issues as well as other Biblical and apologetic concerns. We offer seminars at numerous churches, schools and other public forums.


"...How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the gospel of peace, Who bring glad tidings of good things!" - Romans 10:15

- Missionaries -

Haven is a wide and diverse group of missionaries who come from many different backgrounds and have many different talents. What we all have in common is a purpose to share the gospel and a ministry to people affected by non-Christian faiths.  We have no one church membership as we wish to represent and serve all of the body of Christ

Bill & Terri Honsberger

Bill Honsberger and his wife Terri live in Aurora, CO and have eight children and thirteen grandchildren.  For the past thirty years Bill has worked for Haven Ministries (under the auspices of the Conservative Baptist Home Mission Society for the first 9 years), a ministry that focuses on evangelizing people in cults, the New Spirituality and other non-Christian religions.  Haven Ministries also works on educating the church as to the issues raised by non-Christian religions.  Bill has a bachelor’s degree from Western Bible College in Pastoral Theology, a Master of Arts Degree in Systematic Theology from Denver Seminary, numerous hours in graduate study in philosophy and history at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and the University of Colorado-Boulder and reached candidate status for the completion of his PhD at the University of Denver.  He is currently stuck on AbD at Southern Seminary in Louisville. He has also taught as an adjunct professor at several Christian schools, including Colorado Christian University, Denver Seminary, Horizon College of the Bible, Rocky Mountain Bible College, Calvary Chapel Bible College (Dumaguete, PI), Pacific Island Bible College (Guam) and for several local community colleges in the Denver area.  He speaks at colleges and churches around the country and has had numerous television, radio and newspaper interviews.  He is also on the national board for Evangelical Ministries to Non-Christian Religions (EMNR), a network of Counter cult/apologetic ministries from around the country.  

Jim & Barbara Choury

Jim and Barbara Choury are Colorado natives and both graduated from Denver Seminary. They served with WorldVenture for 28 years working in the areas of evangelism, church planting and leadership training in Argentina and North Brazil. Jim taught apologetics during nine years in Brazil and did numerous workshops on evangelism from a sower’s perspective among the churches there. Jim’s passion is engaging people on a worldview level, discovering their beliefs and then gently guiding them to a fuller understanding of the truth so that they may come to Christ through repentance and faith. Jim believes that Christianity is intellectually defensible and that people encouraged and equipped to think will be better able to understand and accept the Gospel. Jim encourages Christians to know and live Christian doctrine and to use areas like philosophy, science, history, law, logic and literature in order to find a beginning point for guiding the unbeliever to a fuller understanding of truth in order to eventually win them to Christ.

Mark  Roggeman

Mark has been in involved in outreach to those affected by cults, occult, and other questionable religions for over 25 years. He has counseled with people who have exited cults along with their families. To learn more on how cults function he has infiltrated several of these groups. As a Denver Police Officer for thirty nine years, Mark has received calls from law enforcement agencies around the country seeking information and help in dealing with cults in their areas. He has also has given presentations to police agencies as well as churches and schools. Mark was a founding member of the Cult Awareness Network affiliate in Denver. He also served on the CAN national board of directors during the mid eighties. He was also on staff of what was called the Christian Research Association in Denver as their cult researcher. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Colorado Christian University.  In 2018 He earned a Masters Degree in Theology from Colorado Christian University. Mark lives in Denver, Colorado.

R Dominguez

Born and raised in Texas, R. Dominguez moved to Denver, Colorado in 2002. Despite being Catholic, she started attending Calvary Chapel South Denver, a non-denominational church, for Bible study. A few months later, understanding her need for a Savior and repenting of her sin, she received the Lord Jesus and is now a born again Christian. She left the Catholic Church and never  looked back. Desiring to obey the Lord’s command to contend earnestly for the faith, she joined Haven Ministries in 2007 to become better equipped when reaching out to people deceived by false religions and worldviews.
Hello Everybody!  I was born and raised in Colorado. I graduated from Colorado Christian University (CCU) in 2015 with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a minor in Accounting. I have been an associate with Haven Ministries since January 2018. God has called me to mainly focus on witnessing to Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Bahá’í Faith.  My testimony is that while growing up, I knew that there must be a creator who wanted to interact with His creation. I asked a lot of questions about why I was born and pondered my purpose. I believe that God chose for me to be born into my family. My parents are the kindest people I know. I wanted to know what they had. I talked with them, and they told me about Jesus!  So, I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior, and right then and there I was convinced that Jesus forgave all my sins!  I want everybody to know what it is like to be forgiven!

Check out my Facebook group "Witnessing to Baha'is" where Evangelical Christians can learn how to evangelize to people of the Baha'i faith.

Jay & Dianne Moyers

My spiritual journey began when I became friends with a girl named Laurie. Laurie was my age. She wasn’t pretty, or fashionable, or rich, or fancy. She had a nice family and lived in a simple home. But Laurie had something that I desperately wanted and knew I didn’t have. She had joy and peace no matter what the circumstances. She was beautiful in my eyes. She always prayed to God like He was her personal friend. She read the Bible like it was God’s personal book to her. She went to church like it was her second home. I asked her one-day what makes her so joyful and peaceful. She said, “Jesus, God’s Son, loved me so much He died for me. He arose from the dead after three days and now lives in my heart. He is a part of me. He is my friend, my joy-giver. “That day, I also accepted Jesus as my personal friend that day. He lives in my heart. I know He is God, my joy-giver. When I pray now, I talk to Him. He listens. I listen as He responds to me. When I read my Bible, He gives me thoughts on what I have read and how to live my life. When I go to church, He uses other people to meet my needs and uses me to meet their needs. I am joyful. I have a peace that no one can take away from me no matter what the circumstances. “And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:7).

I grew up going to church. When I was old enough, my parents said I should be baptized. That was fine with me until I was asked how I became a Christian. Specifically, the church members wanted to know if I had a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. I did not. So I made up a story about yielding my life to Jesus. Then I started living a lie. I could talk like a Christian, but I knew that I wasn’t one. Later, I started doing some things that I knew were wrong. If I had continued, I would have ended up in jail or dead.

Finally, I really recognized my own sin. I was in rebellion against the God who made me. At home in my own room, I was in tears over the mess I had made in my life. I did a “u” turn in life. Instead of going my own way, I told God that I wanted to go his way. I truly yielded my life to Jesus Christ. It was at this moment that I felt released from the backpack of sin that I had carried around. I had a peace that defies understanding. Now, I also had a purpose for life. I was baptized, but this time it was a witness to those there that I had died to my old life of sin and now had new life in Jesus Christ. Previously, I knew I should read the Bible, but didn’t. Now I have a hunger for God’s Word. Before, I avoided any conversation about Jesus Christ, but now am eager to tell others how he has changed my life.  

Life used to be something to be endured, but now it is a great adventure with Jesus Christ. “For me to live is Christ and to die is gain” (Philippians 1:21).

Jon Evans

I was born in Fort Collins Colorado so I guess that makes me a Colorado native. From the second grade through high school I lived in Canon city Colorado. I did not come from a Christian family, and was the first one in my family to accept Jesus as my God and Savior on a Thursday night about 8 PM in 1971. By the grace of God I graduated from high school, and joined the Navy reserve at the age of 17 at the end of my sophomore year. By the time I graduated I was designated fireman, (E-3).During my high school career, I thought I was going to make the Navy a career. I graduated from high school, May 25th, 1965 and subsequently enlisted in the regular Navy, June 7th, 1965. By 17 June I was in Danang, Vietnam. The first eight months, I was attached to a hatch gang, unloading cargo ships. My last four months I lived on a Mike boat, with the shack built on the back. We ferried Cargo from cargo ships, to the beachhead on monkey mountain and Danang proper. I almost lost my left leg due to an infection from a bug bite. This happened in Chi Lai, Vietnam. I spent 19 days in a Marine field hospital.

After my tour in Vietnam, I was assigned to the USS Hyman DD 732, stationed outside of New Orleans Louisiana. I obtained the rank of petty officer third class. I wrote a letter to Washington to return to Vietnam. I did not fit in to the routine of the regular Navy. My life was a mess, and I thought that by going to Vietnam for a second tour my life would have some meaning. The U.S. Navy was more than happy to send me back to Vietnam and this time I was on River patrol boats. I was stationed in the Mekong Delta and experienced some combat. I was honorably discharged from the U.S. Navy June 7, 1969.

I worked in the machine shop, as a radial drill operator, and set up man. In January, 1971, I quit my job and enrolled at community College of Denver. I was in a psychology 101 class, where there were three Christians who stood up for the cause of Christ. At the end of the quarter I found myself asking this one Christian man what church he attended. He told me Riverside Baptist Church. I visited the following Sunday, and that following Thursday either at the end of March, or beginning of April, two preachers and a preacher’s wife visited and shared Christ with me. I accepted Christ about 8 PM on a Thursday night.

The next three years, I was discipled, and encouraged to share my faith. I also became involved in the Upper Room Coffeehouse, a ministry to Hispanic youth on the west side of Denver. During this time some members of my family came to the Lord, when one of my childhood friends came to the Lord. Another man and I would go to college campuses and engage students in conversations about the Lord.

My childhood friend, married a former seminary student, who wanted to be a missionary in Argentina. They were attending an inner-city church plant, Neighborhood Church of the Master. I decided to leave Riverside and become an involved member of Neighborhood Church. A couple years later I attended a missions conference in Urbana Illinois. It was there that I somehow sensed that I wanted to be involved in planting churches in the inner-city. A recently appointed missionary asked the pastor of Neighborhood Church if I could come over and help him. From the mid-70s, till the present I have been involved in inner-city church planting and ministry.

I majored in urban studies, with the minor in sociology, and took three years of Spanish. Got a BA
I met my wife at church or the risen Lord in August 1978, we were married August 1979. We have three children, Jonas Bratton, Jonathan Evans, and Anna Grace Evans. Depending on how you look at things we have between five and 10 grandchildren.  I also worked for UPS for 30 years. And the last eight I have worked at B-line express couier Inc.. I am also a district leader at Primerica, and a youngevity distributor.  I am a self-supporting missionary with Haven Ministries. I mostly do campus evangelism. I have also gone to various outreaches to people involved in cults and psychic fairs.

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Rev. Kevin Blankenship – Calvary Chapel Loveland, CO – info@calvaryloveland.org

Rev. Jim Choury – Loveland, CO – jamesachoury@hotmail.com

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