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Team Andy

Hi y'all. For those of you who have not heard, we were not able to go to the Philippines this summer as we had planned. The reason we could not is pretty serious. One week before our departure time Terri discovered a golf ball sized lump on Andy’s collarbone near his neck. Andy is our third son and is autistic. Terri took him to the ER where they then directed them to Parker Adventist hospital nearby. After the initial cat scan, they thought Andy might have cancer. Later that week we took him to the oncologist Dr Stacy Parker, who confirmed that Andy has stage two Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. This was/is stunning to us and those of you who have lost family members to cancer or worse, children to cancer, understand what this has done to us. This started several weeks of testing from an echocardiogram, breathing tests and then the biggies - a bone marrow biopsy and a pet scan.  We just met with Dr. Parker on the 21st and got the interpretation of all the tests.

We got the bad news that Andy does indeed have stage two Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. But then we got the good news that Andy has stage two Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In other words, all the tests confirmed that it had not spread below his lungs. This is very good, and we thank the Lord for that and that Terri found the lump and we could get him seen quickly! Andy wants them to just cut the lump out!  Of course that can’t happen because there is some cancer in his chest as well. So now he is the only person on the planet who really wants to do chemotherapy!!!

This has been quite a roller coaster ride for us and we trust that our Father, who loves our son more than we ever could, is looking out for him and will bring him to complete healing. Even as an autistic man Andy has asked some serious questions such as “Am I going to die?”, “Why is this happening to me?” and so on. These are tough ones for all of us I think.
So, we covet your prayers, and we thank the Lord that we have brothers and sisters all over the world who are praying for Andy now. Again, we know that our Father has had our son in His hands since before time began, and we know that our Father will bring good to us and glory to Himself through all this.

One interesting and unforeseen thing in all of this, is that a dear family friend was really moved by this situation. Julie has known Andy all his life and this impacted her powerfully. So she engaged with a friend of hers, Jennifer, who also has a big heart and they came up with a plan to do two things to help. One is that they have created a line of t-shirts for people to wear to show support for our son. The shirts are colored Nebraska red (of course!) with a Nebraska N on a sleeve. On the back is the cross with Andy’s favorite verse from Psalm 23. You can go to the link below to check them out and hopefully purchase them for you and your family. Even the shirt printers are helping by heavily discounting the shirts and printing! We would like those of you who buy the shirts to pose for a picture and then send them to us at honz1@msn.com so we can show Andy. Oh by the way – the top of the front side says in big letters “Team Andy”.  So that is a really fun thing that the ladies came up with.

The second thing is that Jennifer has created a GoFundMe page for any of y'all that would be moved to help us with the expenses that are being incurred in all of this. Please prayerfully consider this option.  We thank all of you in advance for your prayers and support. Our Father knows this situation and has blessed us already with so many praying and asking how they can help. We are humbled by your love and concern for us…

Lord bless y'all,
Bill and Terri Honsberger

Here is the link to the GoFundMe page.  (Scroll to the “read more” and click that – this will open up the T – Shirt section)
Help Support Andy by Buying a Team Andy T-Shirt And Take a picture!!!

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