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October Prayer Requests
HAVEN STAFF MEETING October 24, 2020
Jon and Gloria – Pray that their next court hearing brings about a dismissal!  Both are doing better now!
Jim and Barb – would like prayer for my one remaining sibling, my sister Bessie and her husband Paul and their two daughters and their four children.  Believe it or not when you get to be 73 years old your nieces and nephews are in their fifties!!!  And their children are out of college and working for a living.  
No one on my side of the family is a Christian although some have tried going to church and have had bad experiences with church folks.
Pray also for my contacts on campus and on street malls.  I went to CU Boulder today and had four conversations within an hour.  Not many students on campus and that was good.  When they run in a big crowd they are not as likely to stop and talk.
That’s it.  Thanks.   Jim Choury
Derek and Amy – Derek’s job, kids health. And also I am meeting with the sister missionaries and could use prayer for that! D and the kids health doesn’t need to go on the website, but my time with the missionaries can!
Mark and Rose – Rose’s little brother Johny died recently.  Mark and Rose have Covid.  Pray lots!!!
Aaron – Pray for school and church issues and the people they talked to at the psychic fair last week!
Rita – Needs a new place to live – needs more support.
              PRIVATE – Salvation for family members.
Jacob and Traci – Baby Hezekiah is here!!!  Everyone is healthy but Jacob!!!
Stephanie – pray for her health and schooling.
Jonathan and Carrie – New job situation.  Health for some family members.
Trevor – Pray for the Mormons and Bahai he is talking to!
Jay and Dianne – Here are the prayer requests for salvation:
Chuck the Catholic
 Terrance, a neighbor
 Ann, a gym buddy
Anna and Raya, Bible reading
Bill and Terri – Pray for some ongoing health issues for both of us.  Bill has an important doctor appt Monday morning. Pray for Jon who is in jail and facing major prison time. Pray for salvation for my family, Mormon Ethan, atheist Ben and new ager Michael  - that I am talking to them all the time. Pray for the family of a dear friend of Mark and I – William Watson – long time professor at CCU died suddenly on Thursday.  Completely unexpected on our part – but again our Father knows us all and knows when we will all come home to Him. But pray for their family please.

Jonathan Jolly

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