October 2022 Prayer Needs

Derek and Amy – Job situation with Derek, childhood problems with Amy, Piper’s health

Jacob and Traci – Praise the Lord for her growth regarding her anxiety. Pray for family and job issues.

Aaron and Natalie – pray for ministry direction and being good parents to Zoey

Trevor – Ongoing conversations with different Mormons and Bahai. Thankful for opportunity to have spoken to a class at CCU.

Jon and Gloria – different issues with kids and grandkids. Preaching next week at Church of the Risen Savior (get better Dennis!)

Mark – still dealing with loss of Rose and own health problems. Pray for kids and grandkids.

Rita – pray for parents and family. Had great meeting with a JW. Pray for financial support.

Jim and Barb – some very interesting campus conversations. Pray for more!

Jay and Dianne – ongoing meetings at the jail and with many others. Pray for so many they are talking to.

Bill and Terri – Terri’s health situation is still a problem. Pray for parents, kids and grandkids. Pray for Bill’s classes and the witness there. Pray for our going to the Colorado Springs Body Mind Spirit fair Saturday October 8th.
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Bill Honsberger

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